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New to the Forum
« on: December 05, 2013, 08:49:17 pm »
If you are new to Forums or are unfamiliar with ours, the following may help

If you are new to Forums or are unfamiliar with ours, the following may help you understand more about, what things are, where to go and how to do things. If you are unclear please send a "PM" "Forum Admin Team"

In principle, once registered you can then read various Forums that are visible to you. We have many forums here, most of which are visible to all, but some forums are private, or by invite or for members only.

All forum users can start a new topic or add to an existing forum thread. You do this by clicking on the buttons "New Topic" or "Post Reply" found at the top and bottom of that thread.

Avatar = an image that is placed beside your name. You start as a "Learner" then after 10 posts you are a "user"

Badge = when you join Safe Speed and become a "Member" your Badge is added to show your membership level. Some people also have Special Badges that indicate their Professional Status that we feel is helpful and relevant to this Forum. You need to contact myself for further details.

Board Index = The main list of Forums - list the subset of Forums and once you click on any one of those forums you get to the threads and then you can read and post.

Forum = A collection of discussions, containing many Threads, that exist in each Forum. Plus a Forum can be the Entire collection of all the Forums or that specific Forum for example this Entire Forum are the Safe Speed Forum, but also the "Forum Rules of Conduct" Forum. Try to select the right Forum to place the New Topic Thread.

Lurker = someone who reads the forums but does not post.

New Topic = when you wish to start a new a new discussion often about a new subject or new angle, so you are starting a new Thread within that forum e.g. this New Topic is a new Thread I called "Forum Hints & Tips" under the Forum "Forum Rules of Conduct".

PM = Private Message.

Picture Adding (to Post)

NOTE: Please make sure that you have the copyright - Any images notified or found to not have copyright permission will be immediately removed. IF you are unsure always ask first. In principal, if you have taken a photograph, or created an image, then it is your copyright, you have total rights to it, unless you have sold it one to someone else.

If you have not taken the photo, or created the image, then you must ask the person who has if you can use it (stating all the places that you will use it, or ask for repeated uses). If they deny you the use, respect their wish.
If the image is of you, and you paid or agreed terms at the time, then you have the 'rights of use', but this is becoming a rapidly growing grey area. Copyright Law is very precise and exceptionally expensive if a breech is found and pursued. Seek out legal advice from a Copyright Lawyer to be sure.

Post = this text within this Thread is a POST.

Post Reply = the button that you click to make a new post to an existing thread.

Poster = the person who has made the thread e.g SafeSpeedv2 (myself) have made this post.

Quote = you may wish to quote all or part of another poster's entry. Please TRY not to quote the whole thing and especially if you are the next poster and especially if you are just adding a comment to the whole post.
It is hard to show without the software making it happen ! So I will show so that * = "

Do this :
Quote from: *Name*
then the copy
either side of each the text or copy that you want to quote. So after the word quote you put their name inbetween the inverted commas, which comes after the = then you have the square brackets around all that [ ]. After the text or copy, you have quoted you redo the square brackets with a forward slash / to show the end of the quote then the word quote inside.
When you want to 'multi-quote' you need only simply repeat this process on each section.
If you want to do a whole block quote (around a whole series of quotes between people), put the first section quote=*name* (and surround with square brackets), then then end the whole section with another end quote, so the forward slash / and then the word quote with the square brackets [] around, the /quote.

Smilies :D = To locate smilies when posting or sending a PM, when you click on the 'Post Reply' or 'quote' or 'New Topic', you will see to the left of the text box (where you type into), there are a few smilies. You select in your text window where you want to smilie to appear and then, click on the chosen smilie. To obtain more smilie options, you will see just the shown smilies the text "View more smilies", if you click on that you will see a collection of additional smilies. You can right click, and then open in a new tab, or, window, or, left click and it opens up in a new small window, that can be referred to at any point, just click on the smilie to have it added to your post etc.

Submit = click this button (found after you have started to make a new post by choosing New Topic or Post Reply), found under the area where you place your text when making a new post.

Thread = a number of Posts that exist within a Thread

We know that the above is not comprehensive, but hope that it helps people understand these Forums a little better, but we would like to improve your experience, so if we can assist further just send me or Admins/Moderators a "PM".

Plus if something always confused you, when you got started let us know too. We want people to understand, enjoy and hopefully extract good experiences and knowledge (as much as possible) from these forums.

This post will be added to, as points come our way that require explaining, do let us know if you think there is something that needs further explanation here.
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