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General Discussion / Furniture Rotan Sintetis
« Last post by abcdefghijklmn on September 25, 2019, 09:33:46 am »
Produsen furniture rotan sintetis terbaik dan berkualitas.

Furniture Rotan
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Say Hello / Re: Hi, I am Iain MacSween founder of
« Last post by insurance guy on December 18, 2017, 06:57:33 pm »
Great- Nice Site.

I am new...
Talk about Admiral Littlebox / Quotes
« Last post by gadget on January 19, 2015, 03:48:06 pm »
Hi all.
i have a daughter (19) passed her driving test within a month of being 17, a very safe driver and in 2 years and 4 months has had no problems.

her first insurance was with BELL part of the Admiral group. a (04) Citroen C2 1.1 was her car at the time as a first time insurer the only policies that came anywhere close to being affordable were ones with the Black box. we added myself and the wife as named drivers which did help with the price, although that was not the primary reason for doing this. the main reason was the wife and daughter drove the same direction to work (Dental nurse) the daughers work being close to home 5 miles. the wife then got in and drove a further 30 miles to work where she is a (HGV Instructor and tester). then the same journey in reverse in the evenings.

we had login details for the results from the box and checked them monthly. and we were alarmed at the results as the wife was doing the biggest share of the driving. the box made out that the standard of driving was POOR at best and mostly reported BAD or DANGEROUS driving styles.

then at the end of 12 months the renewal came in at £200 more that the first year, we challenged the quote and they said it was due to the driving style of the "NEW" driver. so my wife wrote to them giving her full job description and driving history. they would not accept this so we voted with our money and accepted a quote from another insurer without a BLACK Box for £600 less than BELL's renewal.

now fast forward 2 years. my daughter is taking over my old car, it is still registered in my name but she will be driving it solely. the car is a Range Rover 300tdi Vogue. (1995) Classic. we have been shopping for insurance over the weekend and the quotes have been very surprising. based on the details of the car and her age with 2 years no claims we have had quotes for £300 less than for the renewal on the C2. using we looked down the list of insurance companies and the first one in the list that wanted to fit a Black box was again BELL, but the price was £675 more than the one we have accepted through FluxDirect with NO BLACK Box??.     so where is the logic in those prices.    OK parts for the range rover are dirt cheap, but the performance is far better than the C2 and it weighs in at 2875Kgs almost 3 times the weight of the C2.

the daughter handles and drives the Range rover very well and i am not worried in any way shape or form about her driving such a big car. she is taking her Trailer towing test next weekend as she is into Horses and her friends have horses too so towing horse boxes will be most of the use for the Range rover at the weekends.

if anyone can offer any logical answer on why insurance for this car and my daughter is less than in a small pocket sized C2 i would look forward to knowing.
Say Hello / Re: Hi, I am Iain MacSween founder of
« Last post by JamesB on January 07, 2015, 10:02:01 am »
Hi Iain,

Great to see you on your own forum - I'm sure that it'll be a great help to anyone looking into getting a decent car insurance/telematics quote.

New to the Forum / 12 Month Loans No Guarantors @
« Last post by Ace Algernon on June 20, 2014, 10:53:47 am »
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Are insurethebox the Most Popular UK Black Box Insurance Provider?

Launched in June 2010, insurethebox have pioneered the use of telematics-based motor insurance. They have sold 85,000 policies and are winning more than 6,000 new customers each month. Insure the Box accounts for more than 75% of new telematics Motor insurance policies in the UK.

Do they deserve to be the most popular UK black box insurance provider?

Are you one for their new customer, how was your experience?
Talk about Drive Like a Girl / Drive Like a Girl Biggest Female Black Box Insurer
« Last post by Head Honcho on December 11, 2013, 08:54:35 pm »
Drive Like a Girl Biggest Female Black Box Insurer

Drive Like a Girl are by far the most reviewed, talked about and searched name when it comes to black box insurance for women drivers. They are already the biggest player in the female black box insurance market. But do you have first hand experience of the drive like a girl service, what are they like?

Would you like to help other young female drivers by sharing your experience whether it be good or bad.
Talk about Co-op Young Driver Insurance / CO OP Commited to Young Drivers?
« Last post by Head Honcho on December 11, 2013, 08:48:35 pm »
CO OP Commited to Young Drivers?

“The Co-operative Insurance say that they are committed to young drivers and improving the safety of the UK’s roads. They believe that by giving young drivers the opportunity to log into their individual Driving Dashboard to see how their driving is rated and to access safe driving tips that will act as an educative tool and a deterrent against bad driving.”

What do you think?

Do you have experience with the coop, hod did they treat you?
What Hastings Direct Smartmiles Discount Did YOU Get?

Hastings Direct have only recently launched Smartmiles, a policy that is designed to offer excellent savings for young and new drivers who are safe behind the wheel. With up to 36% savings.

Have you tried Hastings Direct Smartmiles?

What Hastings Direct Smartmiles Discount Did YOU Get?

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