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Title: Anyone used AA Drivesafe?
Post by: Head Honcho on December 11, 2013, 08:29:37 pm
Anyone used AA Drivesafe?

Since 2012 AA Insurance has turned to technology to launch a new ‘pay how you drive’ policy.  Called AA Drivesafe, it provides the tools to help drivers, especially new and inexperienced ones, improve their driving safety.

AA Drivesafe tracks driving behaviour using a small telematic ‘Drivesafe’ box about the size of a packet of playing cards and discreetly installed in the car. It measures speed, types of road travelled on, time of day and night, braking and cornering, and transmits data via satellite to the AA.

Data is also presented to users in a way that will help them improve their driving safety and, in so doing, can lead to lower insurance premiums.

Have you used AADrivesafe, do you rate them as any good?