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iKUBE Insurance Review
« on: December 05, 2013, 10:21:30 pm »
iKUBE Insurance Reviews

iKUBE Insurance Review – iKube, is the UK’s longest running black box insurance provider. They are a subsidiary of  Towergate Europe’s largest independently owned insurance intermediary. Offering over 200 specialist insurance products, underpinned by strong relationships with some of the Uyoung marmalade iKUBE Insurance ReviewsK’s leading insurance companies. They say that they are committed to providing customers with insurance they can trust.

iKube can prove that not all young drivers should be classed as reckless or irresponsible. By using the millions of miles of data collected through their black box technology, iKube have already rewarded 75% of those who renew this year purely based on driving well. This reward is a behavioural discount on top of any no claims discount earned. iKube offer a straight-forward, simple way to reduce insurance premiums. In return for driving well and staying off the road after 11pm iKube rewards young drivers with a safe driving discount.

iKube Benefits at a Glance

Discounted young drivers (17 – 25) insurance premiums for safer driving – Did you know that, statistically, driving late at night, mainly amongst young drivers, is when major accidents are more likely to occur? This is why iKube have tailored their young drivers’ insurance policy to offer young drivers car insurance premiums as long as they agree to stay off the road between the hours of 11pm and 5am.

Earn your own no claims discount on your young driver car insurance – This is your car insurance policy, not your parents. As long as you don’t get into an accident or need to make a claim against your young driver insurance, you’ll get a whole year no claims when you come to renew your policy.

Breakdown cover as standard with all iKube young driver insurance policies – Breakdown cover actually comes as standard with all young driver insurance policies to ensure you’re covered should your car breakdown whilst on the road.


Young Drivers Insurance – Advice For Parents

Every parent wants their teenager to have their independence; however, at the back of your mind there is always tsave iKUBE Insurance Reviewshe nagging concern over their safety whilst out driving due to the dangers.

As a result these risks mean that the cost of car insurance for young drivers can be very expensive. Sometimes it’s so expensive you simply can’t afford for them to drive.

iKube understand that, as a parent, you will go to any lengths to ensure your child’s safety which is why we have designed our young drivers car insurance to help reduce the dangers as well as cut down on the cost of car insurance for young drivers.

They are able to offer discounted car insurance to young drivers who stay off the road between 11pm – 5am (the “red hours”). The reason for this is because, statistically, young motorists are more likely to be involved in a serious accident during this time. As long as they stay off the road during the “red hours” they’re seen as less of a risk and therefore eligible for discounted car insurance.

The way they measure this is through their telematics tracking device.  It tells the insurer whether the car is being driven during the red hours or not. If it is the policyholder incurs an additional £100 premium on their insurance policy for each night they’re on the road during this time. What a great incentive to stay off the road late at night.

Black Box Reviews – Opinion

Black Box Insurance Review Rating 80%

iKube have been rated number seven in our opinion as although the UK’s longest running black box insurance provider, they do not have the impact or buzz expected by a company who are that well established. Ikube look like becoming a big player and I know they have stuff in the pipeline therefore I have no doubt that they will grow and expand in the black box insurance market. Scouring the web I have found several comments both positive and negative but nothing that cannot be put down to the fact that this is a new type of insurance and there will be problems with installation, assessment and running of this system.

All of the newly emerging telematics insurance companies will no doubt go through teething problems before this type of insurance is fully established and iKube are no worse than any other provider. Indeed the fact that they are part of the Towergate group means that they should have the resources to sort out any teething problems and quickly as they are reported. Personally were I eligible and between 17- 25 this is the company that I would have a look at. However you make your own mind up and go for the provider that suits your needs best.

Do not worry we will be monitoring them.

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If you have used iKube and have something to say, please feel free to leave your comment or review in the section below.
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